Marian madness

You'd hope it were confined to fanfic

In a documentary about Anglo-Saxon art, you do not expect to hear mention of Romulus and Remus-like figures depicted on a piece which appears to pertain to their creation beliefs. That's rather interesting, as is that they are shown as adults beneath the she-wolf, not babies as usual in Roman iconography.

What is even more shocking is that they are shown "lying prostate".

One wonders how much time art historians making programmes for BBC4 spend reading (or perhaps even writing) poorly proofed slash.

(BTW, questions coming for those who requested them. I was slowed by hoodland stuff I left to the last minute. I never learn.)
SH & JW <3

On the tininess of the world

It is very, very little. So little that I learnt to swim in the pool (the Bristol South) in The Great Game! Which is the pool in The Great Game, because that's where the Gatiss went swimming when he was little. It is literally down the road and round the corner (to the left) from my house.

It's funny, because I spent the series recognising various bits of London and Cardiff, and the place I went to once a week and every day in the holidays for years, that I've swum a mile in? Not so much. *facepalm*
Gromit knitting

This knitwear doesn't appear entirely pure

I have a favourite knitting magazine, which is called Sandra. That it has more interesting patterns than anything else on the British market and is considerably cheaper than its competitors are both commendable attributes, but those are small factors in comparison to the joy provided by Irene, its ever-amusing translator.

Please to be enjoying some of her fine work:

In autumn it becomes certain: the time of overboarding decoration is gone. In spite of this knitwear doesn't appear entirely pure.

Being in good humour: stripe by stripe for a top-fashionable jacket, right for many occasions.

This sweater with loose-falling roll collar invites the looks by numerous textures.

Grey seems to be the secret tip among autumn colours. Not alone the patterns but just as well the combination with top-actual berry shades appears animating.

Never get any better at your job, Irene.